Sellside M&A: SASI primarily represents private, venture-backed technology companies. SASI drives the entire M&A process from upfront strategy formulation to buyer contacts through negotiations and closing. SASI focuses on strategic M&A processes where there are typically six to twelve likely strategic acquirers. Intimate knowledge of the buyers, the core technology being sold, market trends and competitive dynamics has been critical to our success.

Divestitures: SASI represents public companies who have identified non-strategic businesses for divestment. SASI initially evaluates the business unit and provides a situation assessment of the business, a list of likely acquirers, valuation ranges and the probability of a successful outcome. SASI then drives the entire divestiture process with special attention to employee and asset separation, the purchase agreement and post-acquisition integration.

Buyside M&A: SASI works selectively with buyside clients seeking to expand their business through strategic M&A activity. Based on the client’s strategy, SASI identifies, screens and approaches selected targets and then drives the process through due diligence, negotiations and closing.



  • Merger and Acquisition Process
  • Negotiation
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Competitive Research


  • Private Sellside M&A
  • Private Buyside
  • Divestitures
  • Strategic Placements
  • Strategic Audits
  • 409A


  • Targeting
  • Timing
  • Positioning
  • Negotiating
  • Efficiency
  • Contacts


 Client Testimonials


“Hard working, hard driving, results oriented…comprehensive analysis of target companies and fast follow-up and follow-through”Peter J. Shaw, CEO, Akonix

SASI’s experience is invaluable for entrepreneurs that are often
unprepared to deal with all of the nuances of M&A”
Raghu Bathina, CEO, QuickTree Systems

“SASI was instrumental in defining our divestment strategy and
driving the process to a successful outcome”Marc Lowe, Group, Vice President, Adaptec

“We needed a banker who had deep relationships with the leading IT companies, significant domain expertise in emerging data protection appliances and could move quickly to market. SASI was able to deliver on all frontscand was able to drive the process to a successful outcome.”
Sameer Gandhi, Partner, Accel

“SASI provided outstanding support and advice through all stages of the process.”Geoff Phillips, CEO, WiDeFi

“SASI executed a well organized, focused process…SASI was a key factor in each stage of the process, resulting in a successful outcome.”
Jim Proctor, Founder, WiDeFi