SASI Services

Buyside M&A: SASI works selectively with buyside clients seeking to expand their business through strategic M&A activity. Based on the client’s strategy, SASI identifies, screens and approaches selected targets and then drives the process through due diligence, negotiations and closing.

Sellside M&A: SASI primarily represents private, venture-backed technology companies. SASI drives the entire M&A process from upfront strategy formulation to buyer contacts through negotiations and closing. SASI focuses on strategic M&A processes where there are typically six to twelve likely strategic acquirers. Intimate knowledge of the buyers, the core technology being sold, market trends and competitive dynamics has been critical to our success.

Strategic Private Placements: SASI represents later stage companies seeking to build strategic relationships with top tier industry participants and raise capital from their venture fund groups. Typically our clients have already raised one or two rounds of funding and are seeking strategic partners for additional channels to market. While some strategic investors will lead the financing round, the terms are typically set by an institutional investor. Critical success factors include articulating how the business partnership will offer unique value to their customers and bring needed differentiation to the market. If there is a strong business case, strategic investment is likely to follow.

Divestitures: SASI represents public companies who have identified non-strategic businesses for divestment. SASI initially evaluates the business unit and provides a situation assessment of the business, a list of likely acquirers, valuation ranges and the probability of a successful outcome. SASI then drives the entire divestiture process with special attention to employee and asset separation, the purchase agreement and post-acquisition integration.

SASI serves mid-market VC-backed and self-funded startups that operate in multiple markets including infrastructure software and services, data management/storage, and cloud-native software and services.


  • Merger and Acquisition Process
  • Negotiation
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Competitive Research


  • Sellside M&A
  • Buyside M&A
  • Strategic Private Placements
  • Divestitures


  • Targeting
  • Timing
  • Positioning
  • Negotiating
  • Efficiency
  • Contacts

Client Testimonials

My co-founder Greg and I decided to work with SASI because of the firm’s focused experience and connections. We came into the relationship with very high expectations, and SASI either met or exceeded them. Throughout the entire M&A process, SASI provided sage guidance, and they played a vital role as an extension of our company. SASI provided value at the early stages of the M&A process, and that value continued to flow as we moved through each stage. SASI became our trusted advisor on M&A-related positioning, LOI execution, due diligence, negotiation, legal issues, deal structuring, and all aspects of executing the definitive agreement. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about SASI and the incredible customer experience they provided to us.

Geoff Bourgeois, Co-Founder and CEO, HubStor

SASI has been a terrific strategic partner in our quest to expand our capabilities and market presence through M&A. John and Christine were able to get up to speed quickly and were instrumental in setting up and leading the process for identifying, evaluating and negotiating with potential M&A targets. Specifically, they really understood our vision for cloud services and our focus on culture and values as the core building blocks for any M&A transaction. On Dozen Software, we could sense it was a great fit from the beginning and the hands-on management by SASI was instrumental in getting the deal closed quickly and efficiently.

Simon Anderson, CEO of Mission

It was a pleasure to work with SASI through all the ups and downs of the M&A process.  SASI truly understands the entrepreneurial mindset and they did a great job of advising Geoff and I through all our concerns and questions along the way.

Greg Campbell, Co-Founder and CTO, Hubstor

SASI are an entrepreneur’s ideal banker. We appreciated that they generated multiple LOIs to create a competitive bidding situation which benefited Unmetric and they managed the process with an attention to detail and sense of urgency until the very end. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.

Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan, CEO & Co Founder, Unmetric

John Rotchford and his team at SASI LLC was recommended to me by a member of my Board of Directors, who had worked with John on previous M&A deals.  I took that advice and have been delighted by the results.  Amongst many other M&A tasks, John and his team achieved a better deal than we could have achieved on our own, guided us through the process professionally, managed the relationship with the buyer expertly, and finally, developed the funds flow in the latter stages of the deal.  He and his team are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his firm for anyone contemplating an M&A.

Claude Cloutier, CEO, XtremeEDA

John and his team provided a very comprehensive and effective approach to profile prospect acquirers, conduct meetings and ultimately drive the process to LOIs and a successful close.  I was impressed with their abilities to understand our business value and the dynamics of the market and to match us with the best option for future growth and corporate culture alignment. I would highly recommend SASI to any company considering a potential exit and to leverage their M&A experience, market insights and hands on approach to the M&A process.

Jack Gulas, CEO of YoppWorks

SASI executed a well organized, focused process… SASI was a key factor in each stage of the process, resulting in a successful outcome.

Jim Proctor, Founder, WiDeFi

SASI provided outstanding support and advice through all stages of the process.

Geoff Phillips, CEO, WiDeFi

We needed a banker who had deep relationships with the leading IT companies, significant domain expertise in emerging data protection appliances and could move quickly to market. SASI was able to deliver on all front cand was able to drive the process to a successful outcome.

Sameer Gandhi, Partner, Accel

SASI was instrumental in defining our divestment strategy and driving the process to a successful outcome.

Marc Lowe, Group, Vice President, Adaptec

SASI’s experience is invaluable for entrepreneurs that are often unprepared to deal with all of the nuances of M&A.

Raghu Bathina, CEO, QuickTree Systems

Hard working, hard driving, results oriented…comprehensive analysis of target companies and fast follow-up and follow-through.

Peter J. Shaw, CEO, Akonix