Born from Industry. Tempered by Experience. Recognized through Accomplishments.
SASI serves mid-market infrastructure software startups in data management, security, networking and cloud-native segments including open source and containers.
We have a reputation for successfully running an efficient and swift process with high integrity and deep industry and technical knowledge.
Why we start SASI?
We love what we do. We love helping entrepreneurs get laser focused on their value proposition for potential buyers and seeing their hard work and innovative ideas result in a successful exit.  
 Client Testimonials

“SASI are an entrepreneur’s ideal banker. We appreciated that they generated multiple LOIs to create a competitive bidding situation which benefited Unmetric and they managed the process with an attention to detail and sense of urgency until the very end. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.”
Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan, CEO & Co Founder, Unmetric

SASI’s experience is invaluable for entrepreneurs that are often
unprepared to deal with all of the nuances of M&A
Raghu Bathina, CEO, QuickTree Systems

Hard working, hard driving, results oriented…comprehensive analysis of target companies and fast follow-up and follow-through.”Peter J. Shaw, CEO, Akonix

“We needed a banker who had deep relationships with the leading IT companies, significant domain expertise in emerging data protection appliances and could move quickly to market. SASI was able to deliver on all frontscand was able to drive the process to a successful outcome.”
Sameer Gandhi, Partner, Accel

“SASI provided outstanding support and advice through all stages of the process.”Geoff Phillips, CEO, WiDeFi

“SASI executed a well organized, focused process…SASI was a key factor in each stage of the process, resulting in a successful outcome.”
Jim Proctor, Founder, WiDeFi